HealthScaping NorthWest

Creating healthy, vibrant communities


Kylie Menagh-Johnson, MPH, has been the lead or co-author on a range of publications. From news items, to legislation, to professional manuals, she has done it all.

With experience writing for both print and web, Kylie prides herself on a simple, straight-forward style that appeals to all audiences.

Skills and Experience

P writing blue

  • Health policy manuals
  • Health education materials
  • Legislative concepts
  • Bill analysis
  • Legislative testimony
  • Administrative Rules
  • Talking points/ Key messages
  • Letters to the Editor/ Op-Eds
  • News releases
  • Research reports
  • Surveys
  • Websites
  • Grant applications
  • Requests for Proposals/ Best Practices technical guidance
  • Newspaper/ Magazine articles
  • Academic and peer-reviewed research
  • Ghost-writing for department, community, and political leaders

Selected Publications

Pizacani B, Laughter D, Menagh K, Stark M, Drach L, Hermann-Franzen C. Moving multiunit housing providers toward adoption of smoke-free policies. Prev Chronic Dis 2011;8(1).

Menagh-Johnson, K. Parents and Childcare: Working Together to Help Kids Eat Healthy. Parenting in Portland Newsletter. January 30, 2013.

Menagh-Johnson, K. Nutrition: Raising Healthy Children. Parenting in Portland Newsletter. February 27, 2013.

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