HealthScaping NorthWest

Creating healthy, vibrant communities

Public Policy

Kylie Menagh-Johnson, MPH, has led and advised  public policy campaigns at all levels of local government.

Kylie Menagh-Johnson, MPH (right) explains why water fluoridation is smart public policy.

Skills and Experience

  • Community mobilization
  • Diplomacy/ Negotiation
  • Policy analysis
  • Policy-maker education/ Lobbying
  • Bill language development
  • Hearing coordination
  • Spokesperson/ Earned media
  • Social media
  • Volunteer management
  • Administrative Rules revision
  • Law implementation/ enforcement

Track Record


Oregon Nutrition Standards in Schools

  • HB 2650

Oregon Smoking Policy Lease Disclosure Law

  • ORS 90.220 Terms and conditions of rental agreement; smoking policy; rent obligation and payment.

Oregon Smoke-Free Worksite Law (Indoor Clean Air Act)

  • ORS 433.835 to 433.990
  • OARs 333-015-0025 to 333-015-0090

Regional Government

Metro Regional Government Smoke-Free Oregon Zoo

TriMet Smoke-Free MAX and Transit Shelters

  • Chapter 28.15 A.(2) Prohibited Activities on District Transit System: Smoking


Multnomah County Smokefree Workplace Law: Smoke-Free Hospital Grounds

  • ORDINANCE NO. 1124 Amending MCC Chapter 21 Relating to Smokefree Places of Employment and Public Places


Portland Water Fluoridation

  • ORDINANCE NO. 185612

Portland Smoke-Free Parks and Playgrounds

  • Chapter 20.12.110 Fires, Fireworks and Smoking Prohibited.

Portland Smoke-Free Private-For-Hire Vehicles (taxicabs, etc.)

  • Chapter 16.40.340 Driver Conduct Requirements and Prohibitions.

Colleges and Universities

Oregon Health Sciences University Smoking Policy

Portland Community College Smoking Policy

Portland State University Smoking Policy

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