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Breastfeeding and Returning to Work

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Strategies for breastfeeding after returning to work:

Parenting in Portland

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You CAN Breast-feed After Returning to Work

By Kylie Menagh-Johnson, MPH Health Education, PIP Health and Wellness Co-Chair, mom/step-mom to 4 kids, ages 2 to 14

Note: All mothers are working mothers, but in this article, “work” refers to paid employment, in or out of the home, that requires a separation between mother and child.

“Breast is best,” yet breast-feeding comes with challenges that are difficult to imagine before you become a mother. Support for breast-feeding is readily available through new moms’ groups, the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, La Leche League, the Nursing Mothers’ Counsel of Oregon, hospital lactation consultants, and others. But what about support after returning to work?

Many moms return to work when their infants are 12 weeks old.  Health experts recommend that all babies should be exclusively fed breast milk for the first six months of life and continue to be breast-fed…

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